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Not many people called me Dear unless they wrote a letter or card for me...
Now after Aru died, everyone calls me dear..I don't want pity or sympathy.
For, what I go through today , is what 400 other people face everyday in India..death of a loved one in accidents .
This could be anyone..
I don't want empathy either ...for empathy, one has to understand what this loss is like and I don't wish it even on my worst enemy.
If you want to do something for me, please propagate road safety..and pass on this message to everyone on the road.
If you want to do something, lend me your shoulder like some of you have done..sometimes it gets very tiring to bear this pain..
Dont tell me that God did this for my own good.
He did good has come out of it. ..
And please don't say that the foundation came into existence because of her death.
We did all good work very quietly before her death and would have continued doing so had she been alive.
Don't call accidents are letting something which can be controlled out of your hands...accidents are not fate.
They are the result of a system gone wrong and the ' system' includes people. For without people, there can be no ' system'
Dont say ' her time had come'
Who are you to say it?
I tell you she was ' fated ' to live for 72 years!
If you can, listen..
If you can, take my child's name
I may cry..but don't worry , it's so nice that someone mentions her.
Don't pretend she never existed just because death makes you uncomfortable.
Death is the ultimate truth of life...
Shubhangi Tambwekar.
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Three minors on a dead and two injured.
They were going at a speed of 140 kms per Hour!
They were out at 2:00AM!
The parents of the minors are arrested ..
The heartbreak and the agony of these parents!
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Traggic death on Elevated Hosur flyover. 3 minors lost control in a 2AM joy-race at 140 kmph+ in 3 hi-end cars. FIR against fathers & minors

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Neeti Goel is a reporter..she managed to be heard.
Who will listen to a Shubhangi Tambwekar?
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"I have played the video on loop many times, just to see my dad alive and walking. I fervently hope and pray nobody should ever have to see a video of their parent’s brutal death." Read this heart...

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It's been three years on the 9Th of September that Aru died in that horrific accident.
These three years have taught us a very important lesson.
Laugh and the world laughs with you...
Cry and you cry alone...

Time, people told us was the greatest healer and today I debunk that myth..
Time cannot be the medicine for all pain.
Not this kind of pain..
The wound bleeds all day ,anger festers ..
Anger at people not respecting lives..their own and others..
Anger at the sheer apathy of not doing something when all around us we just see chaos.

There have been many changemakers amidst us.
Not everyone is rich or famous. In fact, change comes from small deeds, unknown people and unmarked territories.

Today Sanjay and I are humbled when unknown people reached out to us with their love and solidarity after listening to radio REDFM. Many volunteered for the pot hole challenge and many corporates joined the cause.

To us, it showed that Bengaluru cared and it was the best tribute to our wonderful Aru..

Thank you RED FM , thank you Bengaluru..

I leave you with these verses penned by Aru when she was seventeen. 🙏🏼

A circle
No end
All the same...
Time is nothing.
The here, the now
Endless infinity stretched forever
In ever expanding universes.
The music of the spheres,
And the echo resonating back.
What was, is connected to what is...
A web of dependence,
Touching one another and, without one,
The other is meaningless.
And every second, a year...
Every moment, an eternity...
And waiting...
The hardest part,
Intensified by absence.
Arundhati Sanjay Tambwekar.
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