Dr. Aswathy Ashok Menon – Winner of The Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar Award for Excellence in Pathology, 2017

6 November 2017


This year’s award goes to Dr. Aswathy Ashok Menon, MD Dept of Pathology at CMC Vellore.

Dr. Aswathy has had a stellar record all through her career as a doctor. She did her MBBS from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, in 2013. During the course of her undergraduate degree, she won Gold medals in Pathology, Pharmacology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and also the Amrita Kiran award for all round excellence in MBBS course.

While doing her MD and residency at CMC Vellore, Dr. Aswathy also won the first prize for paper presentation at Annual Research Day 2016 at CMC, Vellore.

Congratulations, Dr. Aswathy! The Pursuit of Excellence never ceases. Continue to strive for excellence, keep your values and passion intact. We wish you the very best !

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2016 : Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar Award for Excellence in Pathology

The third Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar award in excellence in Pathology was awarded at the annual convocation ceremony of CMC Vellore on 7th November 2016. 

This year’s recipient Dr Kiruthiga Gnanasekaran is not only a hardworking young pathologist, but also a fantastic artist. Those of you who follow the Foundation activity, will remember that Kiruthiga created a wonderful sketch of Aru two years back. The sketch is available on the website. 

This is what Dr Kiruthiga  had to say about what winning the award meant to her. She mailed this letter to me and I share it with her permission. 

‘Dear Aaiee, 

I am not able to put all that I feel into words, but here is the essence of it…

Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar Award for Excellence in Pathology..

This day marks a special place in my life, not just because of this medal that has been awarded to me, but for the reason behind it.

Dr. Arundhati was the blend of virtue and value, known not just for her academic achievements, but also for her notable attributes .. kindness, responsibility and  diligence.. She was a versatile little girl with interests in poetry, art and dance as well..

At this moment, I feel honoured to receive the award which is being given in the memory of her beautiful soul.. 

I do not know if this medal will make me remember all the effort I put in studying, but it will constantly remind me to be a dutiful doctor and a good human being. I value not the gold that is present in this medal, but the amalgamation of Arundhati’s virtues present in it..

I’m fortunate to receive this medal as I will have a part of Arundhati with me always…And I will treasure it forever.


Dear Dr Kiruthiga,

Thank you for your words.  Here is wishing you a happy, healthy life, and a successful, fulfilling career ahead.

May this award be a constant source of inspiration to excel in everything aspect of your life. 

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AABHA 2015 : Dr. Vishnu Chandra Kumar A.

Under the aegis of our Aabha initiative, The Arundhati Tambwekar Gold Medal for Excellence in Pathology for 2015 was awarded to Dr. Vishnu Chandra Kumar A.

Dr Vishnu was chosen on the basis of his academic performance, his contribution to the work in the Department of Pathology, and his sincerity in his work.

Dr Vishnu completed his MBBS from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala. And then, his post graduation in General Pathology in April 2015 from Christian Medical College, Vellore, TN. At present, Dr Vishnu is working as Assistant Professor in the department of General Pathology, CMC, Vellore, TN. Vishnu’s hobbies include gardening, painting, vocal music, bicycling, trekking, and Tamil Literature.

The Arundhati Foundation wishes Dr Vishnu Chandra Kumar a bright , safe and healthy future!

Here are some pics from the Graduation Ceremony held on 9 Nov 2015


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Dr. Eliza Koshy receives the first Dr Arundhati Tambwekar Award

On 10 Nov 2014,  at the Convocation Ceremony, the Christian Medical College, Vellore, formally announced the introduction of  Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar Award for Excellence in Pathology.

Dear Drs Joy Mammen, Sukesh Nair and Dolly Daniel : Thank you so very much for making the Dr. Arundhati Tambwekar Excellence in Pathology gold medal a reality. We, the family of Arundhati shall never forget your kind gesture.  Thank you for making a place for her in your hearts. She has joined CMC and me in a strange way and your Department seems now to be a part of my family.


The first receipient is Dr. Eliza Koshy. Keep the passion and pursue excellence in your chosen field!


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