The Arundhati Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation started by Dr Shubhangi Sanjay Tambwekar and Mr Sanjay Achyut Tambwekar in the memory of their daughter Dr. Arundhati Sanjay Tambwekar who passed away in a gruesome road-traffic accident in Vellore on the morning of the 9th September 2014.

Arundhati was on the way to CMC Vellore where she was Post Graduate Registrar pursuing her Diploma in Clinical Pathology. She was riding pillion with her fiancé both wearing helmets. Vellore roads are extremely bad and possibly this is the main factor which took away the life of a brilliant, talented, hard-working girl and a gem of a human being.

In order that Aru’s memory continues to live – not just in name, but also in deed – we have established this Foundation. Our objectives are simple. We will take tiny steps to.

  • Support the Pursuit of Excellence in Pathology, which was Arundhati’s chosen field and passion, and
  • Campaign to Improve Road Safety for our Citizens, because no one deserves to die in this manner

These aims will be reviewed periodically. You can review more in the “What We Do” tab.

The seed money for the Foundation came from the money saved by Dr Arundhati from her own personal earnings during internship and PG; and supplemented by contribution from her best friend Dr Ananthvikas.